Press Release of Mountain West

  • Mountain West was just named as Utah’s Woman Owned Business of the Year for 2014 by the SBA See article
  • Stephanie Loud was interviewed by “The Wall Street Journal” for a January 31st, 2014 front page article entitled “US Banks Start to Ease Limits on Lending.” See article
  • Zions bank recently nominated Stephanie Loud for the 2014 Small Business Person of the Year. The nomination states, under Stephanie Loud’s leadership, Mountain West Precast has demonstrated entrepreneurial success in several areas See article
  • Stephanie Loud, owner of Mountain West Precast recently filled a position on their Board of Directors. This was a three-year assignment. Ms. Loud brought innovation and strong leadership abilities to the board. She has held other leadership positions at the NPCA and her outstanding performance at those positions is why she served on the Board of Directors.
  • Mountain West Precast was the cover article for “Precast Inc.” a precast industry trade publication. The article spotlights the company’s growth and determination. Ron Hyink, editor for “Precast Inc.” states, “Mountain West Precast has charged out of its corporate youth and is striding confidently towards a prosperous adulthood.” A copy of the article can be obtained by calling Mountain West.
  • The SBA just featured Mountain West on the cover of their 2012 Issue of “Small Business Resources”. They highlighted their growth and success in the industry.
  • Mountain West has joined the ASTM C-27 committee.
  • NPCA just featured Mountain West on their “Meet a Precaster” Blog. See article